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The Secret of T.E.L.X

by Alex Scobell

It is true that T.E.L.X is by far one of the most intelligent A.I's every constructed. It was built over 200 years ago but has not yet been matched by any A.I. It has been used by many but they have never fully harnessed its unbelievable power. It is capable of thinking up complex strategies that are unbeatable. The one race that will fully use its power to rule the universe are the Ge'lin. They know of its power. They will use it to crush many planets. They will steal resources from everywhere. They will rule everything they will be unstoppable. What is worse is they already know of its location and how to get it working again. The secret of T.E.L.X is a 2D sidescrolling platform shooter. It will contain low level gore but nothing to shocking. You will take part in many missions taking on dealy gun wielding aliens and other monsters.

Download Beta-505Kb

Concept Art



Eviscerator: That concept art is way cool :)

Chris Scobell: Looks very interesting, but what does "T.E.L.X" stand for. It sounds like it is some ancient way of sending text over phone lines.

Caprice Vision: The beta verison of T.E.L.X. is pretty cool. Only...the custom engine has just a few bugs...I can't jump very high at some points. But other than that its cool. Can't wait to see it!

Onag: These are great! Much better than my first games. I'm looking forward to The Secret of T.E.L.X.

Xayo: Can u make a MP mode for T.E.L.X please please .... Jj2 is boring.

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