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News Archive June-October 2003

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25th of June 2003

Here it is a nice new design. A new comment type system has been added where you can comment on some stuff.

2nd of July 2003

The holdidays are aproaching rapidly. Soon I will have more free time to work on this site. Oh and more time to work on games and stuff.

20th of July 2003

Monkey Mash has been put on hold while I make some other games because I'm just so sick of it. I have remade it heaps of times trying to make it better and I'm so sick of it. Now I'm working on a fun little platform puzzle game. Not enough to show at the moment. Oh yeah and the read the guest book button works now.

13th of September 2003

No update in a while eh? Sorry about that. Anyway I have been working on a new point and click adventure game. Also I hope to have a new section of the site up soon.

31th of October 2003

Hello. Well my adventure game has flopped. Anyway I am working on something that I can reveal juuuust yet. Oh well happy whatever it is to all you who celebrate whatever it is.

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